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Tsukino Usagi Icons
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This is the first icon community on LiveJournal dedicated solely to Tsukino Usagi and all of her personas, from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga, anime, musical and live-action series. Please read the rules before joining and posting and/or taking any icons:


  1. NO off-topic posting. If it isn't Usagi icons, please don't post here.

  2. Please only submit LJ icons. 100x100, less than 40kb, in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. (That's why this is an LJ icon community. ^^;;)

  3. Only icons of Tsukino Usagi, please! Here is a list of all acceptable forms of her character.

  4. Please only submit YOUR OWN icons, ie, ones you personally have created.

  5. If you use an icon, please credit the icon's creator! (If you'd like to plug this community as well, that'd be awesome. ^^ )

  6. Use a LiveJournal cut tag if you have more than four icons.

  7. Please don't be critical of other icon-makers.

  8. No fighting, spamming or flame wars.

  9. No direct linking of icons. Culprits will be removed from this community, publicly shamed and possibly eaten. ;P

Regarding challenge community participants:

  1. Do not post your challenge banners and forms (theme #s, themes completed, etc). Please only post teasers to your icons, and a link to the post they are in.

  2. Do not place your challenge claim here. Post them in your own journal or at the challenge community itself, or anywhere else. Your claim doesn't belong in this community, as this is not a claim community.

Please email me if you would like to be affiliates, other LJ communities only. ^^;